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the industry

Current Projects

I keep meaning to use this blog more, but every time I start writing a post it balloons to 2000+ words and becomes a Thing. I am predisposed to writing Things, mostly because I want to put my best foot forward. So this isn’t a Thing. It’s just a brief description of what I’m working […]

Musings on Game Writing

(NB. This is excerpted from an email I sent to Ben Paddon.)   The basic problem, as I see it, is that we have many game developers who are interested in telling a good story but rarely have experience in what that means. I have a degree in writing (for whatever’s that worth) and I’ve […]

GDC Vault debuts free content

One of the few downsides of attending GDC was not getting to see all the talks I wanted to – some had already happened by the time I arrived, some conflicted with other talks I did attend, etc. There are a lot of people I know who didn’t get the chance to go, as well, […]

What I learned from GDC: Ten Days Later

It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m still not entirely sure how to process the con. It’s a blur of business cards, good conversation, game design, and arguing about Metagame cards. I spent most of the week with Chris Wright or Jack Monahan, esteemed gentlemen and cool people extraordinaire. Jack listened patiently to the current […]

A Quick Inspirational Quote

“We had no idea what we were doing, none whatsoever, and I think that’s an important lesson, because sometimes you just need to do things, and sometimes thinking too much and knowing too much can hurt more than it can help.” -Ron Gilbert, in his postmortem of Maniac Mansion